The primary function of Reinforced Earth® facings is to provide local stability and erosion protection to the reinforced backfill. They also constitute the visible part of the structures and therefore give projects their signature appearance.  

Standard precast concrete panels

These come in a variety of shapes (cruciform, square and rectangular) and dimensions to fit to the technical and architectural requirements of the projects.

TerraClass® panels can be used in a variety of low- to high-performance applications.

TerraClass® is the most recognized product from Reinforced Earth and is our trademark cruciform-shaped precast facing panel. The high durability and aesthetics of this facing has made it a favorite of Reinforced Earth clients since its introduction in 1970. Ship Lap Joints are a unique feature for drainage, flexibility, and post construction settlement. The system employs a simple and economical construction technique.

From small retaining walls for commercial development to large bulkheads at industrial terminals, Reinforced Earth has been selected for its design integrity while offering significant cost benefits that are often 20 to 50% below alternate solutions.

An example of a TerraPlus® bridge abutment.

TerraPlus® is a Reinforced Earth system similar to TerraClass, with the exception that it is faced with larger integral rectangular shaped precast concrete panels. The dimensions of TerraPlus panels are typically twice the size of TerraClass, at 1.5 meter high by 3 meters wide.

TerraPlus® was developed in 1998 in response to a demand for low (< 8m high) walls where soil conditions have a good bearing capacity. Panels are rectangular with ship lap joints but with reduced ability to accommodate differential settlement or small radius alignment.

The TerraPlus® system is intended to suit markets with lower wall heights and simpler horizontal alignments. It is also capable of architectural treatment application on the panel facing similar to TerraClass.

TerraSquare® facing shown in a hydraulic/land development application.

Steel facings

They provide light versatility for a variety of short-term and temporary applications.

TerraTrel® facing used successfully in a high-wall industrial application.

TerraTrel® wire-faced MSE wall system provides all the design advantages of traditional Reinforced Earth at a reduced cost.

The advantages of TerraTrel® are evident by its use of lightweight materials that are easily installed without the use of a crane. These materials do not sacrifice strength, durability or flexibility to achieve the advantages of Reinforced Earth. Adjustable base panels accommodate wall construction on grade without the installation of costly footings.

Mining, material handling and remote location applications can now take advantage of Reinforced Earth technology without the cost of precast concrete facing panels. The cost and time advantages are also recognized for staged construction where traffic must be maintained then shifted, or as a replacement to sheeting and shoring.