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The retaining structures alongside railway lines must be perfectly capable of absorbing the vibrations caused by passing trains and supporting the high stresses generated by accelerating and decelerating trains.

Reinforced Earth® can be used to build the structures that support and run alongside railway tracks. In these applications, the technology used is the same as for roads. However, the design must be specifically adapted to train loads.

Railway applications use the same technologies as those for roads, although the design is clearly modified to reflect specific requirements relating to overloading and factors of safety, especially for high-speed trains.

High Speed ​​Line (LGV) Sud Europe Atlantique (SEA) between Tours and Bordeaux, copyright Pascal Doaré

The Reinforced Earth® and TechSpan® technologies are used in the construction of all types of train tracks, including light rail transit, regional transport, intercity services, high-speed lines and freight services, as well in the construction of a wide array of railway structures, such as:

Trackside retaining walls
Bridge abutments spanning railway tracks
Retaining walls and bridge abutments supporting track beds
Railway tunnels in embankments and cut-and-covers
Protective embankments
Associated techniques:

Reinforced Earth®

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