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Civil engineering structures are an integral part of our everyday life and help improve living standards as a whole. With its wealth of technical and architectural advantages, Reinforced Earth® plays a role in enhancing the appearance and design of our environment.

Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Land development

The architectural flexibility of the Reinforced Earth® technology is clearly apparent when used for land development and housing in close liaison with architects, city planners and landscapers.
Concrete facings come in a wide variety of finishes and patterns. Welded wire mesh facings represent a durable solution for building reinforced embankments that blend seamlessly into the environment, either by covering with vegetation or a stone finish.

Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Site integration performance

The most successful civil engineering projects are those combining excellent performance with a sleek design. Even with smaller scale projects, clients, architects, engineers and landscapers go to great lengths to demonstrate their professional expertise by designing structures that blend into their environment and enhance their surroundings. Reinforced Earth® structures offer endless aesthetic possibilities, with the advantage of combining top-level engineering, quick implementation and architectural flexibility. To improve the integration of roadways and railways into populated areas, Reinforced Earth® structures can be built with sound-absorbing facings.

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Reinforced Earth®

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