Since the invention of the Reinforced Earth® technique at the beginning of the 60’s, seve­ral soil reinforcement options have been developed in close collaboration with research laboratories and universities all over the world to provide clients with safer, more durable, environmentally conscious solutions and to give the right answer to fit to the characteris­tics of each project.
By offering a range of discrete reinforcement types, either metallic or geosynthe­tic, Reinforced Earth companies can customize each client’s project for maximum structural, environmental and cost efficiencies.

Terre Armée provides 2 types of reinforcements:

Galvanized steel reinforcements
- Geosynthetic reinforcements

Galvanized steel reinforcements
These are the perfect solution for high static and dynamic design loads and the only sensible choice for high-end structures such as very high walls, bridge abutments, heavy duty mining ...

Geosynthetic reinforcements
These have become an efficient solution when the chemical characteristics of the select backfill or the environmental conditions are not suitable to the utilization of galvanized steel.
We distinguish 2 types of geosynthetic reinforcements:
- GeoStrap® reinforcements
- EcoStrap™ reinforcements.

Installation of reinforcements on site