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Innovation has been intricately woven into the fabric of Terre Armée since its inception. Since its invention, the Reinforced Earth® technology has been enhanced by a number of technological breakthroughs.

Terre Armée continues to keep its founder's pioneering legacy alive by adopting an active research and development policy and investing considerable resources.


EcoStrap HA reinforcing strips

Some of Terre Armée's groundbreaking innovations:

 World-renowned TerraClass® precast concrete cruciform panels
 High adherence reinforcing strips made from ribbed, hot-rolled steel
GeoMega® technology with fully synthetic connections between the panels and geosynthetic reinforcements
 EcoStrap™ geosynthetic reinforcements for applications in highly alkaline environments
 GeoTrel™ technology, combining welded wire mesh facings with geosynthetic reinforcement
 GeoStrap® and HA EcoStrap™ geosynthetic reinforcing strips with enhanced frictional performance

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