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Engineering represents a mission-critical activity at Terre Armée. Driven by its dedicated teams, the company can deliver a highly specific response to its customers' requirements worldwide.

No two projects will ever be alike in the world. Each contract has its own list of specifications, meaning that the project will be unique. Terre Armée is a company that prides itself on construction solutions that include reinforced backfill structures, precast arches, sound walls and anchored precast panel systems. All of these solutions are available for a wide range of applications.

This is where engineering is required, so that systems can be tailored to the constraints specific to those applications, whether retaining walls in the transport industry, bridge abutments, mining structures, tunnels or dams, to name but a few.

Most of Terre Armée’s technologies occupy niche areas that generally need to associate elements of civil

Terre Armée's applications:

Dams & reservoirs
Land development & Building
Mining & minerals
Ports & Coastal works
Rivers & Waterways
Roads & Motorways
Sports & Leisure

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