River walls

Roads, motorways and railway tracks often follow the natural course of rivers and are generally built above the maximum water surge or ordinary floodwater level. The Reinforced Earth® technology has been extensively used for 40 years to build such retaining structures for motorways and railways alongside rivers, lakes and waterways, and is especially suited to complex structures.
Our wide selection of soil reinforcement materials associated with the Reinforced Earth® system allows this technology to be used with all types of water (fresh, brackish or salt).


Although vertical concrete facings are generally used, a steel wire mesh covered with vegetation represents an effective solution for restoring natural riverbanks. Reinforced Earth® river structures are designed and built to resist the combined forces of water and debris, which can be highly destructive during and after storms and floods. Reinforced Earth® structures are also capable of withstanding natural stresses, such as strong currents resulting in scour and suction. Reinforced Earth® panels combined with appropriate backfill ensure adequate drainage, especially if the structure is subject to sudden variations in water level.