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Rivers and waterways around the world are essential assets to be maintained and preserved. The valleys opened by rivers frequently provide way for roads and railways which have to be built to allow a safe traffic of people and freight whatever the condition of the rivers might be. Waterways constitute vital links between communities and they allow sustainable transportation means to be used.

Rivers, waterways and also lakes, can play a key role in land development.Drawing on their global expertise and track record, Reinforced Earth entities worldwide bring tailor-made solutions and provide support at all stages of the projects, fulfilling the demanding requirements of rivers and waterways hydraulic applications.

Banbury Lane - United Kingdom

The Terre Armée Group delivers best-fit solutions and provides end-to-end support in projects that need to conform to the specific requirements for structures built alongside rivers and waterways:

River walls
Quays, jetties and marinas

Associated techniques:

Reinforced Earth®

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