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Retaining walls and bridge abutments supporting track beds

Reinforced Earth® retaining walls are widely used in the support of railway tracks. Railways loads differ from highway loads in their intensity, frequency and associated vibrations. The stiffness of the steel reinforcing strips, which is recommended for structures supporting railway tracks, guarantees minimal deformation under high loads.

Reinforced Earth®
structures beneath tracks are therefore designed to withstand braking stresses and are remarkably effective at absorbing the vibrations caused by passing trains, as evidenced by the numerous tests performed in the USA, France and Germany. Reinforced Earth® structures have often been used when widening railway embankments, especially in Japan. Since the system is versatile and built in successive layers, the Reinforced Earth® technology is well suited to the construction of retaining structures for widening railway beds. The discrete reinforcements in Reinforced Earth® make the technology resistant to stray currents.

Kyung Bu - South Korea

Reinforced Earth®
railway bridge abutments are engineered to withstand the high bearing pressures and braking stresses transmitted through the deck. The deck is supported directly by carefully compacted Reinforced Earth® abutments built in continuity with the approach embankments, which ensures a level and regular track profile, even on ground with poor foundations.

Gautrain - South Africa