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The mining industry requires large and heavily loaded structures, in sometimes isolated, vast areas. Variable-geometry walls and soil stabilization is common in the applications.

The excellent adaptability of the Reinforced Earth® and TechSpan® technologies mean that they are the ideal solution for meeting the requirements of structures in the mining industry, which need to be capable of withstanding high loads, vibrations and variations in temperature.

Reinforced Earth® retaining walls and TechSpan® arches are used in the mining industry for storing ore and supporting vehicles and ore treatment machinery, as well as for other applications relating to the transportation, treatment and exploitation of the extracted ore.

The versatility of Reinforced Earth® and especially the facing technologies ensures that the specific requirements for such structures can be met. The technologies are sufficiently varied to produce the required geometry (face inclination, straight or curved alignment) by offering concrete panels, semi-elliptical steel panels or welded wire mesh. The choice of facing also depends on the structure's required service life and factors such as site and mine location.

Coal Mine - Mongolia

Reinforced Earth® can be used to create some of the world's highest unloading docks, as well as:
- Storage silos and hoppers for recovering coal and iron ore
- Feed units

- Containment bunds

- Overpasses

- Reservoirs for mining waste

- Dust containment within the storage facilities

Associated techniques:

Reinforced Earth®

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