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A Major Road Project in Australia

Gateway WA is a major road infrastructure project in Western Australia that aims to make traffic run more safely and smoothly on one of the main routes in the region.

Following the delivery in early 2013 of 1,775 m2 of facing for the Abernethy Road interchange, The Reinforced Earth Company (RECo) Australia won the contract to design and supply 25,900 m² of TerraTilt® full-height facing panels, 820 m² of TerraPlus® modular facing panels and approximately 2,000 m² of TerraTrel® steel wire facing for the construction of around thirty structures, mainly bridge abutments and retaining walls over three metres in height, as part of the Perth Airport and Freight Access project.

To overcome the technical constraints of the project (structures located beneath the water table, complex finishes on certain facings, etc.), our teams have had to innovate, producing 8 mm thick reinforcements with special anchor points and designing temporary walls in order to retain the backfill and keep traffic flowing on adjacent roads.

Delivery of the panels commenced in 2013 and should be complete by April 2015.

The end of the project is scheduled for mid-2016.

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