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An active partner from upstream to downstream : delivering infrastructure solutions that are vital for your Oil & Gas projects.

LNG tank farm containment dikes, Stony Point - Australia

Site access & Land development

Together with the project stakeholders, we rise to the challenge of building structures that allow access and workability for extraction, storage and production.

Construction on poor and marginal soils

Straightforward construction at sites, even in remote areas regardless of weather constraints

Containment & Risk Mitigation

Through their intrinsic characteristics
our structures contribute toward mitigating environmental and industrial risks.

Contain accidental flooding of aggressive liquids: Reinforced Earth® structures are proven to withstand the drastic impact of the leakage and ignition of cryogenic volatile fluids.

Resist fire & thermal shock: Materials that constitute our structures are substantially nonflammable and fire-resistant.

Absorb stresses induced by seismic activity as a result of the inherent ductility and resilience of our structures.

Protect against explosions: Reinforced Earth® is a highly stable barrier that impedes the propagation of a blast at ground level and absorbs high levels of energy.

Production process & Storage

The versatility of Reinforced Earth® allows the design of high-level-engineering solutions.

Support heavy loads: Even for tall walls, our structures have the capacity to bear loads generated by cranes, piling rigs and other heavy equipment.

Withstand vibrations: Reinforced Earth® structures are resistant to the loads associated with industrial processes such as crushing, screening and fracturing.

Constructive solution for storage: Eventually combined with appropriate and adequate sealing materials, our structures are adapted to the storage of liquids, waste outputs and bulk materials.

Dump Wall - Alberta (Canada)

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Reinforced Earth®

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