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The worldwide leader of reinforced soils for your airport new constructions, expansions, renovations and upgrades.

Fort Lauderdale Airport - USA

Increasing land availability & overcoming geotechnical constraints

Airports are often located in areas where their expansion is made complex by the lack of space or the presence of hills, coastal areas and natural water channels. Reinforced Earth® enables reduction in land use, allowing expansion in even restricted environments.

Supporting heavy loads

Even for high walls, our structures are able to bear loads generated by large aircrafts such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747.

Ensuring planning

The rapid and predictable installation procedures with minimal disruption of traffic making our structures a sensible choice to meet your construction deadlines.

Caring about aesthetics

Within an airport, structures such as access ramps, bridge abutments, roadway retaining walls are often visible to the public. The Reinforced Earth Company has the ability to turn your retaining walls into a visually pleasing work of art by offering limitless aesthetic possibilities.

Decreasing the environmental impacts

Our techniques allow the use of recycled construction materials; providing you better quality and increased service lifetime.

Atlanta Airport - USA

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Reinforced Earth®

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